About us

Started in 2017, Grandview Gourmet has been delivering new and unique loaves of bread throughout Southern Vermont and shipping loaves around the U.S.!  By taking the basic principles of Bread Baking, and applying years of experience in the Culinary Industry, as well as and extensive knowledge of food science, Chef/Owner Dylan Lester has baked up more than 150 different varieties of bread over the years.  Using his skills, Chef Dylan has been able to create and modify all types of foodstuffs to accomodate most any dietary restriction or food allergy, allowing many people to enjoy foods they never thought they could!  Year round, Grandview Gourmet products can be found on store shelves, and from the Spring to Fall, you can find Chef Dylan and his foods at several local Farmers Markets, where many ingredients are sourced and new connections with local food creators and food growers are always utilized!